Inspiring young minds to innovate sustainably.

The Arctic challenge Is an event which inspires young people and teaches them about sustainable innovations. Together with Project Zephyr’s self-development programme, we believe we can grow a generation of people able to create robust solutions for the future that can stand the test of time.

The Challenge

Student teams scratch-build electric vehicles for the harsh conditions of the Arctic and compete in five test. Three on track, and two team tests. The winner takes home the prize.

Project Zephyr

Project Zephyr encourages students to find their passion while providing them with the unique and exciting STEAM learning experience of building an electric car from scratch.

The Immersive Experience

The Arctic Challenge was created to inspire the next generation to design sustainable solutions. We also invite the world to tag along and experience the cutting-edge innovations shaping the future.

A once-in-a-lifetime journey

Promoting sustainable technology

The Arctic Challenge brings together products and services from different fields working to advance humanity into a more sustainable future. Therefore, besides inspiring students on future careers, this event also aims to teach spectators and participants alike about innovative technologies and practices that are environmentally and socially practical and sustainable.

What students say

„It was fascinating. What I learned from the experience of building a car was that you can’t do it alone. Cooperation is the most crucial factor.”
„Great for anyone interested in cars and engineering, but not limited to them. 100% recommend it!”
„This experience is an excellent way to discover yourself and your abilities and improve your teamwork and communication skills.”

Be a trailblazer

We are looking for innovative, forward-thinking schools to be part of this pioneering event. If this is you, drop us a line or fill out the form below. If you are already running Project Zephyr or have accepted our invitation, we will contact you about participating

Project Zephyr paves the way for immersive learning

Project Zephyr is a unique STEAM learning experience created by Foamblock that gives students the opportunity to create an electric vehicle from scratch. It was first developed at the British School of Bucharest and aims to be an exiting educational project enabling students to discover their passion and develop a more precise understanding of their path after graduation.

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