The Challenge

Inspiration is nurtured through unique experience

We support the next generation of innovators

The Arctic Challenge supports the next generation of innovators and aims to be a platform for participants to learn about environmentally sustainable practices - how to put them into action, their cost as well as their long term effects.

We define sustainability as "The ability to carry on doing something at the same rate or level for a long time without negative consequences"

Therefore, sustainability is an ideal to pursue.

Students engage in the exciting STEAM learning experience of building an electric car from scratch.

Students push their boundaries, learn vital skills, and discover what they want to do in their careers.

Innovative companies have a platform where they can showcase their sustainable products and technologies.

Sustainability through innovation, not sacrifice

Climate change is more complex than CO2 emissions low = good. That's why we approach it rigorously from multiple angles, with innovation and collaboration leading the way.

Encouraging change

The Arctic Challenge happens in Lapland because of its proximity to the Arctic - the region most affected by climate change. We want to show, from event to event, how things change, for better or worse, in the hope that we inspire people to act.

Creating an inspirational and immersive experience

We want people to experience innovative technologies and products throughout the event. For example, for those that wish to connect more with the Arctic, we aim to offer a limited number of fully equipped outdoor camping spots, heated by our innovative hyper-efficient, catalytic converter equipped, self-refilling stoves so you can sleep undisturbed at night.

Event Scoring

The journey there

Teams have to make their way to The Arctic Challenge in a sustainable yet practical way. They will have to record how they got to Lapland, why they selected that method, and the resources and emissions used to get there. Their job is to optimize not just for resource and emission use, but also for practicality.

The competition

Teams will participate in three track tests.1. Endurance: how far they can make it on one charge in a set period of time. 2. Drift: which team carries out the longest drift. 3. Time: which team sets the fastest set of laps.

The Purpose

Each team attending the challenge is unique and bears exceptional qualities for making it this far with a functional vehicle. Each team has a story which can inspire others to dream and push boundaries.Teams select a team theme and present it during the challenge - presentations count towards the final score

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